Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh You Think You're So Special

The Pep or Prep Rally was decent. It had a lot of dancing, a lot of bad script reading. The girl cracked a few jokes that nobody laughed too. It was killing me to see the people up their killing themselves.

It’s funny, we saw people who display themselves a lot in high school, at one point, somebody yelled out, “The Choir SUCKS!” It was sad to see some groups given little attention.

Today was an excuse for the popular kids to expose themselves more than usual. Yes, go on and dress up in fancy clothing and say no word. Stand with the boy who everybody loves because he’s funny. I honestly expected a lot from everyone.

These kids are judgemental, we all are, but them being on a higher level. They can point to weirdos, losers, creeps, and the normal people which they do so by pointing into mirrors.

If I was 14 years old, I’d flip out more than usual. I just laugh at them at how ridiculous they seem.

They’re definition of normal is being somebody they’re not. In a small town like this one, these boys and girls will do anything to feel famous.

Kids, they do the darnest things.

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