Thursday, December 1, 2011

Technology Killed the Teenager

Psychology class was fun. We’ve begun watching “Rain Man” starring Tom Cruise. It has something to do with our unit which is good.

The kid with autism seems to have a really good memory which is mind-blowing. Being given a telephone book and remembering them all.

Half of the class was missing, the people I adore having around were downstairs presenting themselves to an audience and preparing to perform for us.

The girl next to me has been quiet since her arrival to our school. I’ve been meaning to make some small talk, because I really don’t want her feeling alone during graduation. Like, come on, new girl comes to a new school in her final year, my guess is some personal reason, and she doesn’t know anyone, yet is expected to graduate with a class she hasn’t spoken much too.

I won’t be attending most ceremonies, but I really want her to be happy, She probably is, but she needs some memories from this school. Somebody she can say, yeah, I had a good friend in that school.

Not just some person who sat next to me and told me what assignment was due. Spend an entire year texting friends miles away really kills your ability to get attention.

Technology has destroyed the teenager.

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