Monday, November 28, 2011

Songs featured in Misfits Episode 5, Season 3

These are the songs that were played in Misfits season 3 episode 5. Below are track names and description to when they can be heard.

On The Floor - Brandon Flowers
Jen in Kelly's body discovering herself in the bathroom. 

Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight
Rudy's self-loathing split approaches therapist in her vehicle. 

Anna Calvi - First We Kiss
Seth (Power dealer) gets stood up by Kelly at bar.

Cults - Abducted 
Kelly swapped Jen changing clothes at her boyfriends place.

Goldfrapp - Crystalline Green  
Curtis in his female form wanking in the storage room.

Clare Maguire - This is Not the End
The cast confess their powers to the probation officer during the final moments of his life. 

Cults - You Know What I Mean 
Kelly hugging Seth 

A song I couldn't get a hold of is the one playing at the Bar. Rudy's self-loathing split is taking with Jen about his past. The song is playing faintly in the background. Feel free to comment if you know so I can add that to the list. Thank you. 

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