Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes Man - Personal Thoughts

I watched this last night and it really does give me strength. I always lay back on opportunities that can be a good change for my life.

The character of Carl refuse to accept any plans that may rise and is living a very dull life making excuses. (Sorta like me.)

Attending a “Yes Man” seminar, he is convinced his life can get better by saying, “Yes” In series of events, it went from bad to good and back to bad. He has no personal control on situations, and believes he has to say yes to everything.

If you feel it’s right, and you want to do it, and you believe it’ll do you good, then say yes. If you feel it’s out of your strength than say no.

I’m a type of person to say I feel lonely and wish I could go out, but say no whenever somebody asks me to hang out. I have no idea why I do it, maybe because their definition of fun is different from mine.

They like parties, drinking, eating, whereas I hate being involved in those places. I much rather go for a walk and sit at a bench to admire the day. Not many people do it, well, they do, but they’re all seniors. They wait until their dying days to see the beauty of life, I want to capture it early on and die knowing I admired the small things in life.

Carl got lucky and met Alison who falls in love with him, she see’s he’s the brighter man in life, and being spontaneous makes a person so much better. You don’t know what to expect from them, and I believe that’s how life should be lived. Plans never go as planned, so do whatever your heart tells you, walk wherever your feet take you. If the mall is closed, if you’ve been denied a job, just keep walking. One thing I want to do with my life is get lost. Just be somewhere I’ve never been before like a tourist, and in order to find my way back, ask strangers.

I’ll bring a cell phone in case if things don’t go out as planned.

There are bumps to saying yes to everything. Carl ends up in a situation where he's accused of being a terrorist. Not all of us are going to be called terrorists if we say yes to everything, but we will find us in a situation that'll become difficult to grasp and you'll find out saying yes doesn't always bring good luck.

This has been the 8th time I've seen this film, and it's like how one person uses the bible to get through a day.  Yes Man is the motivation people need and it really brought me to my problems and how I can improve on them.

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