Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 2 - No Social Networking

So I haven't talked to anyone for two days and I feel really good about myself. I wrote about 4 songs last night and slept at 4:00 A.M.

This morning I wrote one more, so I guess in total I have about 5 now in one day. Now, they aren't superb, I still haven't found the guitar sound for any of them.

I have them hummed recorded as the melody, I just need to get back at practicing guitar and posting them up online.

Not sure if I'll go toward soundcloud or Youtube, possibly both. I wish I had my own guitar though. Anyways, I'm actual feeling a lot positive of this change. I'm getting things together, at least I'm doing well because I feel happy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Major Earthquake expected to hit in the Southern Hemisphere

Yes Man - Personal Thoughts

I watched this last night and it really does give me strength. I always lay back on opportunities that can be a good change for my life.

The character of Carl refuse to accept any plans that may rise and is living a very dull life making excuses. (Sorta like me.)

Attending a “Yes Man” seminar, he is convinced his life can get better by saying, “Yes” In series of events, it went from bad to good and back to bad. He has no personal control on situations, and believes he has to say yes to everything.

If you feel it’s right, and you want to do it, and you believe it’ll do you good, then say yes. If you feel it’s out of your strength than say no.

I’m a type of person to say I feel lonely and wish I could go out, but say no whenever somebody asks me to hang out. I have no idea why I do it, maybe because their definition of fun is different from mine.

They like parties, drinking, eating, whereas I hate being involved in those places. I much rather go for a walk and sit at a bench to admire the day. Not many people do it, well, they do, but they’re all seniors. They wait until their dying days to see the beauty of life, I want to capture it early on and die knowing I admired the small things in life.

Carl got lucky and met Alison who falls in love with him, she see’s he’s the brighter man in life, and being spontaneous makes a person so much better. You don’t know what to expect from them, and I believe that’s how life should be lived. Plans never go as planned, so do whatever your heart tells you, walk wherever your feet take you. If the mall is closed, if you’ve been denied a job, just keep walking. One thing I want to do with my life is get lost. Just be somewhere I’ve never been before like a tourist, and in order to find my way back, ask strangers.

I’ll bring a cell phone in case if things don’t go out as planned.

There are bumps to saying yes to everything. Carl ends up in a situation where he's accused of being a terrorist. Not all of us are going to be called terrorists if we say yes to everything, but we will find us in a situation that'll become difficult to grasp and you'll find out saying yes doesn't always bring good luck.

This has been the 8th time I've seen this film, and it's like how one person uses the bible to get through a day.  Yes Man is the motivation people need and it really brought me to my problems and how I can improve on them.

No Social Networking until March 1, 2012

To make this short, I’m not going to access my Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook account until March 1.


I have a lot I don’t do in a day and becoming a computer bound creature has really eaten away most of my life. Like I said to myself yesterday, I’m not going to wait until January 1 to make resolutions, Why do you have to wait so long just to make a change. I’m going to begin today. Tomorrow is too far away, however, the weather is not cooperating with me, this is not an excuse for me not to go for a walk. I made other plans if the weather isn’t going to cooperate.

Thank god for books.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Day of Summer - Personal Thoughts

The character of Joe is somebody I can incredibly relate too at some degree. He’s the dark part of my mind and the me I expose to everyone on a daily basis.

His fantasy of shooting up the place where he works is a thought that has past my mind at some point in my life.

A lot of people who watched this probably didn’t understand the part why he took it so seriously when Stefanie, the customer, gave him a glance. With some guys, nobody bothers to look at them simply because they don’t see it as a pleasant sight. Like they say though, little things always makes somebody’s day.

Someone offers me a band-aid when I get a cut, I’ll never forget that about them because it’s a random act of kindness. I don’t see many people treating me like human, I usually have a creep presense with most females.

His plan takes a turn from a single glance of a girl and he ends up getting a situation he never prepared for.

He becomes friends with the hostage who turns out to be a former student at the same high school as the one he attended. His story of him jerking in the study hall has made him famous according to Stefanie, but Joe disgusts that memories and throws a fit.

Joes a kid with complications, he knows the world very well, he has large dreams, but none of which that’ll take action.

I believe a lot of people in DJ Qualls life have questioned his figure and judged him for it when he’s really suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As Joe, Qualls did a very good job portraying the character because I feel he really revealed an actual part of himself.

I really enjoyed how Joe becomes a stronger character and his enemies fall weak, aka his boss. He became paranoid after discovering Joe’s gun bullets on the bathroom floor but failed to convince police officers it was Joes. The weakness of Joe caught onto his boss and in the end, he’s the pussy.

IMDB gave it 5/10 I guess because there were some misunderstanding in the story, Possible thoughts like it may encourage people to do the same. Whatever happened to the CNN tape he sent in the mailbox? Did Stefanie tell the truth when telling her stories? I guess the viewer can create those parts.

I really wished I’d have watched it during the actual last day of summer. The days in the movie look really serene.

Friday, December 23, 2011

50/50 - Personal Review, Tiny Spoilers, and Extras

I managed to get around on watching 50/50 two days ago, and in my opinion, it’s number 1 on the movies that stick to the heart. I laughed, and I cried, and it brought out a lot in reality than just plain Hollywood lines.

A scene such as when the doctor informs Adam he has a tumour on his spine. The doctor seems more focused on his job than comforting him. He suggests seeing a therapist, but because he is a doctor, he just tells what has to be known.

I’m glad they didn’t make that scene a dramatic one, where the doctor gets equally stressed as the patient.

50/50 was the type of movie where in the end, you look differently at yourself in the mirror. You bring out the best of yourself, rather than pouting on flaws. It showed me how fortunate I am and how life is fragile. Adam never expected to get cancer when he lead such a healthy lifestyle, what were the odds of it being a rare form of cancer.

The movie is inspired by true events and I am glad the movie was shot in a more solid structure, rather than making it all dramatic with music and what not.

Adam’s girlfriend, Rachael likes to believe she is capable of taking care of Adam, when deep down she knows she can’t. She wants to be strong, but at the same time she is stuck with a situation she never prepared for in her entire life. Cheating wasn’t the best thing to do at a time like that. That was a dick move.

Kyle is Adam’s enthusiastic friend. He lives his life aimlessly and does real well at putting peoples mind at ease. The last thing he wants is to be surrounded by problems.

I do wonder how Kyle and Adam became friends in real life; having two different personalities and being so close, there must be another story to how that came to be.

Something things I found out afterwards of the film is Seth Rogen’s wife (Lauren Miller) was an actor in the movie. She was the one walking the dog past Kyle and Adam.

“Sugar” from YTV’s “The Zone” was also an actor (Sugar Lyn Beared). She was at the get well soon/farewell party. I remember watching her growing up as a kid, and she still looks the same, her hair has grown though.

Also, Claire, the librarian (Laura Bertram). She was also in another of my childhood favourite show called, “Ready or Not” which aired on YTV.

Lani Billard and Laura Bertman both were actors on the television series "Ready or Not" which aired between  1993-1997
She’s really grown from the last I remember, I secretly had a crush on her from that show.

Overall, the film is a good watch. It changes your minds, and movies that can do that are really powerful. So if you haven’t seen it, be sure to watch it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inside Job and Corporations

so i just saw this movie called "Inside Job".

I know, I know, it's just a movie, but still, it changed my fucking view on everything.

I mean here we are in front of our computers, complaining about women and society while there are corporations out there growing stronger and mightier than the government itself.

We are basically living in a time where democracy has failed because people with more money than you can ever imagine are basically shaping the law according to their own needs.

Too long, Didn't read?

Rich old men are ruling the world, and you get to suffer for their mistakes. wow big surprise amirite

Protesting outside their offices is a method that obviously doesn't work, so what the hell do you do?