Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drama Class Today

In drama class today a girl began crying. Now it all began when my friend told a girl she was sweating and her sweat marks were showing.

I was paying attention to the teacher, but I had heard the conversation with my other ear and I realized immediately something bad was going to happen.

Girls are over sensitive, and self-conscious, well, majority of them. I asked her if she is self-conscious, and she said yes. Then came the water works, I told my friend she’s self-conscious and she gave her a hug and apologized.

I like my friend for feeling sorry rather than just starring, and they hugged for a while until the girl was okay.

At the end of the day I gave her a hug because girls really feel bad having that comment in front of the opposite gender. Girls like to be comforted and admired. I hope she left on a good note.

My drama teacher also showed me my costume which I loved, really sparkly. She also mentioned I’m on the same league as the top acting students in previous years. “I’m their league” and I knew those boys, all the girls loved him. I envied him, but to know we’re on the same league, I feel happy.

I came home stronger and confident than ever. It felt good, and that load of hating drama is gone. My work matters.

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