Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus is human

I don’t get it, So what Miley Cyrus smoked weed on her birthday. She’s human, she has a life, she can do whatever she wants. Why do people have to point fingers at her saying it’s wrong for her to smoke weed. I’m not saying drugs are a good thing, what I’m saying is just let people live their life. Quit being so nosy and judging her for little things, it’s up to herself to decide what she wants to do. She admited to being stoned on her birthday, and most people are thinking about the kids who use to listen to her from Disney. If parents thinks she’s a bad influence, they can go watch something else. Humans need to evolve in order to live, someone who stays the same their entire life has never lived. You can never remain stationary, people make choices of how they want to be grown up. Mistakes are made, we learn, and we move on. I support Miley Cyrus, I’ll love her no matter what happens.

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