Monday, November 28, 2011

Misfit Powers, (Existing, and my own)

If I was a character in Misfits, the power I’d like Simon’s power, Precognition, because it would be helpful before I place myself in destructive situations. More often I find myself in a trap that I’ve fallen into and I won’t be leaving without struggle and pain. Have the power will allow me to think twice of my actions, therefore, saving me the embarrassment, or even larger, my life.

I remember what I did to prove my trust for a girl once. I promised her I’d pull the fire alarm on Halloween, and I did so. On the good part, I didn’t get caught, on the bad side, she forgot what I’d said so it was pointless. With the power, I could’ve saved my trouble two ways. I could’ve seen if I were to get caught or not, also if she’d remember. However, I need to remember not rely on the power more, I need to go with my gut instincts and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

A power of choice I want would be telepathy because it can help any many situations.

For example, I’m sitting in class and the kid next to me struggles to answer a question the teacher asked. I know the answer, so, I can tell him the answer and let him avoid the embarrassment.

I tend to observe a lot and when I see an incident occur and a conflict rising, I fear approaching the situation, but with telepathy, I can put words In the peoples mind from a distance to settle the fight. (Yes, I’m a hipster because I’m into the whole world peace thing.)

I’m a weird kid in general, I come off an unapproachable person, and I can’t communicate with everyone I see because they walk away from your looks. If I see a girl who is crying about her recent split up, I’d like to be the voice of comfort in her head to make her feel better.

I’d never use a power like telepathy for evil. My work would be too save people from traps of despair and be the assurance everyone needs in life.

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