Thursday, December 1, 2011

English Class Discussion

My English teacher went off today from a short story to religious debating. It was so terrible and funny to the point we had to close the door. Now, I’m not going to judge any religion, but the words coming out of his mouth were hard to believe, possibly because it may be true.

He mentioned how virgin marry was given gods seed and in a form it’s rape because it was unexpected. Now, That’s pretty frowning toward people who believe in Christ, a girl was a little offended to be honest.

The lesson was just how a boy sacrificed his life for a girl, and when he did so, the girl who rejected the boy numerous times was able to break the chains which held her to being a good girl. She made her own choices, changed her life and the view of others.

However, it was really a blow to her head when she realized he was gay for another boy, and the night he killed himself, he’d not only visit her home, but the boys as well, both rejecting the offer of being together.

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