Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hero I Want to Be

I was thinking yesterday of how cool it’d be to begin school in Europe. Get enough money hear and covert to pounds in U.K. Get a small, decent apartment and an acting school. I’d be in front of a whole new audience and I’d like to have the new start feel.

Problems here would be telling my family. They’d refuse to let me leave, or think I’m throwing myself around, trying out for things I’ll never succeed with. You never know unless you try. It surely is a big leap, Adjusting would be difficult, but that’s why life is about. Well, a part of life.

I’d return back once I’ve met myself and feel confident and have gotten a good career jump, The joy I’d share with everyone I know. I’d be willing to travel more and support the places in need and go day by day changing lives. Superman died long ago, but if he was still alive, he’d want us to be heroes. We don’t need super powers to save the world, you just need a good heart.

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