Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future Makes Me Wonder

In Programming class today I was a bit pleased to see it half empty. This meant little or no lesson at all. That changed though when kids began to arrive from Pep Rally performances for the junior classes.

I’m working on a  project to create my own software; Media Player, Browser, etc just anything to fill in the spot for marks.

The phone rang and the teacher began saying names of people in the row of mine. Funny because the names were given out of order from the office, and here we all were sitting on the same row. One odd ball that was on the other side, but still, what were the odds?

According to one boy on the trip there, he said we’re going because we’re all failing dumasses, He didn’t take pride, just said it in silly way.

On the arrival to the councillor, the teacher instructed us to fill out the information sessions for the university/colleges that’ll be coming in to discuss stuff about their school. I had to make 4 choices, and although my plans aren’t as they want them to be, I made a selection, reasonable ones.

One of them were military, and I was imagining how it’d be to fight in the armed forces, I was afraid because I was weak, and I wondered how the strict orders may damage my personality.

It made me think, a lot.

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