Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melting Ice

I spoke with a girl in drama class today about her future plans and current problems. I’ve learned a great amount. I remember back in 8th grade I’d think kids are assholes, ignorant, stubborn and selfish. Maybe they were back then, even I was to think such a way, but now things have changed.

Everyone is stressed, sometimes in tears. They’re afraid more than ever realizing this is it, the final year before we all move on to lead undirected lives. Last time to see each other, the hallways, the lockers, the drama, the teenage years. If my arms were big enough I’d give a hug we all need, a hug I deserve myself.

My plans at the moment are too support as many people I can. Know they have support behind them wherever they go. I want to help them and hope they find themselves after high school. The principle mentioned never to leave anyone behind, especially in after high school. His words hit me because he’s right, nobody wants to be forgotten.

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