Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To Marry a Girl

What could be a reason you’d have to marry a girl in grade 12? This question was asked in English today as well and I really had nothing on my page so I was put on the moment. My response sorta went like this.

“Girls in general are really fragile and I’m guessing failing relationships make the vulnerable of self-harm. They’d be seeking for a true love, and it’d be me who’d come for her support. It’d kill me to see her in pain and I’d show her what it really feels to be loved, I’d give away my dreams to save her from breaking apart.”

The class was a bit in awe. As of right now, my love are for my dreams, but if I found love, it’d be a dream come true. It would be nice to have both, but really, those are the two things hard to come by. As of now I work with dreams, if love comes around, I’ll have to see what happens.

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