Sunday, November 27, 2011

High School Changes: People & Me

Kids at my school are unique. I’ve seen them evolve into different people since the beginning. I’d have to leave it to others to judge about me. I remember the girls who I thought were preps, all of them now seem to be desperate for something serious. The jocks have matured to a level where they treat people with respect. Some more than others, the guys with a girlfriend have learned respect from the girl. I find it great to see how much one person can influence someone who I once thought would never change. I’ve seem to become more friends with people I thought I’d never be friends with. I’ve matured with all the changes that have occurred. I find myself to be a stronger person, it’s one of the things I’ll never forget in the future. Here I am, a teenage today, tomorrow I’ll be in my 60’s reflecting when I was a kid. I’ll remember everything I see now, it’s strange to know a change is occurring as I type this post. Life is so strange, Now I feel like giving someone a big hug, I feel like giving everyone a hug, boy, girl, young or old. I appreciate everything in this moment. I can’t imagine how’d it be if I was truly alone, deserted.

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