Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Need a Job

Tomorrow I’m planning on heading out after school. I have this form and resume with me. The form being 30 hours of volunteer for graduation, and the resume as a note, well, to get the job. I have to leave with confidence, they might do on the spot interview, and I have to be calm, make sure not to fidget a lot with my hands, or give off an uneasy feel. If I succeed, I’m going to ask for a paying part-time job. If it’s even more possible, work there so much I get to be a member of Target staff. Zeller’s have been said to transform into “Target” in the coming years. I heard a lot about Target, I’ve never been to one, but they sell a lot of neat things. In another way, I’m sad that Zellers is disappearing. I remember going their as a kid with my mom. It was a friendly name, especially in the summer and back to school. The commercials were always funny to watch on television. It’s one of those things that can’t be repeated. I believe HBC is now gone too, it was in the news, briefly, No one took it as a big deal, but to me, I was mind blown. HBC, Hudson Bay Company, if someone went back in history to it’s beginnings, it’s tough to grasp the fact it’s gone. What could have I done though, people need to make a living someway.

Anyways, tomorrow I have to be prepared for being asked to come back. Fingers crossed I qualify and I come home a happy camper. I might have to leave Drama though.

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