Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells (Page 1-10) vocabulary

Scrutinized - Examine closely
Transient - Lasting only a short time; existing briefly; temporary.
Complacency - A feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.
Fro - Obsolete . from; back. Alternating from once place to another. (To and fro)
Serene - Calm, peaceful, or tranquil; unruffled
Infusoria - Any of various microscopic organisms found in infusions of decaying organic matter.
Improbable - Unlikely to be true or to happen.
Enterprise - "A project undertaken or to be undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy. To keep the peace is a difficult enterprise."
Intellects - A particular mind or intelligence, especially of a high order.
Disillusionment - To free from or deprive of illusion,  belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.
Secular - of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests.
Equatorial - of, pertaining to, or near an equator,  especially the equator  of the earth.
Attenuated - To weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value: to attenuate desire.
Inundate - To overwhelm: inundated with letters of protest.
Eloquent - Movingly expressive.
Incessant - Continuing without interruption; ceaseless; unending: an incessant noise.
Wrought - Archaic except in some senses . a simple past tense and past participle of work.
Apostles - Any of the early followers of Jesus who carried the Christian message into the world.
Warred - a conflict carried on by force of arms, As between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.
Subtlety - "Delicacy or nicety of character or meaning."
Fluctuating - To change continually; shift back and forth; vary irregularly: The price of gold fluctuated wildly last month.
Incandescent - Bright, Brilliant
Scrutiny - A close and searching look.
Vigil - A watch or a period of watchful attention maintained at night or at other times: The nurse kept her vigil at the bedside of the dying man.
Feeble - Physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail.
Oblong - In the form of a rectangle one of whose dimensions is greater than the other.
Profundity - The quality or state of being profound;
Audible - Loud enough to be heard.
Quivered - To shake with a slight but rapid motion.
Vacancy - An empty spot.
Unfathomable - Undetermined
Unerring - Accurate throughout, no error or flaw.
Scoffed - To make fun of
Jubilant - Showing great joy, satisfaction
Zenith ward - Highest point in a division
Excursionist - Tourist

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