Saturday, November 26, 2011

War and Happiness

People tell me that war keeps life balanced. Nobody can give the world a piece of peace. Many historic people of the past have attempted to create happiness known, and for those short moments of their lives, we did find peace. Although it’s not eternal, little bits of happiness pauses the pain the world, just the way we wish time over the weekend goes slow so we don’t have to go back to school or work. If I grow up and have enough freedom, I have made myself a promise to change one thing in the world so people can be happy. It really sickens me too see a lot of people being lonely strangers who only live their lives on a poorly constructed road. Anyone can change the world from many different ways. Just recently, I viewed some pictures of men who have burnt themselves during protests just to get a message across. The whole thing about actions speaking louder than words is true. We scream and yell at the top of our lungs so the world hears an issue, but everyone has turned away. However, if you put damage to yourself, or somebody else, the world turns around. I guess back long ago, apes, or monkeys did the same. We crowd around a fight, and we find pleasure in others getting hurt. It’s disgusting how we’ve accepted to grow a specific way. I wish I’m not alone on the passing days wishing for a day when I can walk outside and look more ahead then down on my feet. I know it’s not my fault for what happens in the world, but I am a witness to it all watching the news, we all are, and we don’t do anything. We’re just happy it wasn’t us. 

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