Saturday, November 26, 2011

iPhone 4s or another cellphone?

I'm going to be honest, someone like me doesn't aim for a product from Apple. However, from the creations and the uses of their technology by close friends, I've grown more passion and I now am looking forward into buying my first apple product. Yes, It's true, I have never owned any sort of Apple device in my life. My target is the new iPhone 4S. Now, I am a bit, eh about it because I'm not entirely sure with myself. What really is drawing me into the device is Siri. A well admired speech recognition software which I find convenient. I really like where it's going, I'm truly impressed by that part. I've used my friends and it really does win among other voice recognition software. My friend and I were in a busy coffee shop testing out Siri and despite the noise around us, the iPhone was able to pick out exactly what he'd said. I sat their in shock of how accurate it all is. The design, the feel, just looking at it is too much. I'd like to give cheers to Apple, this Christmas, I wish to have an iPhone in my hands. :)

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