Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tons of homework to do!

My English teacher wants this essay to be complete by tomorrow about this short story called “Miss Brill” I finish so much stuff in that class at different times and different things, he only wants it handed in with everything. I don’t like doing the details, outlines of a paragraph, I write whatever I feel is right. I re-read and believe it’s the most extraordinary text I’ve ever read. I admire my work, but nobody seems to want to bother reading. The whole thing going on, teacher strikes, they haven’t even shown anyone their report cards. They need more money and the government isn’t doing much, our education is being affected. With graduation things going around, I really don’t know what page I am, only students in leadership no most of what has to be done. However, I don’t have them as friends so I’m receiving bits of what is required. I want to sit back this year, I don’t want any parties or anything. Just do my work, and leave. There’s a life ahead of me I rather look at then weep at my wasted, terrible years in high school. I believe I have some Psychology, terms for the “Mental Disorder” unit.

- English: Miss Brill essay, Outline for other essay
- Psychology: Chapter 17 vocabulary
- Drama: Find nutcracker costume

So much to do, I’m so weak at the moment. Ugh.

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