Monday, November 28, 2011

Insomnia and Graduation Stresses

Waking up can get tiring. I slept at 3 last night doing irrelevant crap and my excuse was I had to work on my grad quote and write up. I wasn’t, I was trying to construct a plan on how to get  a job and leave with the fact I will get the job. My resume has been looking a bit dead so I decided to edit it up, but I didn’t edit much, because someone like me hasn’t much going on.

I usually get depressed thinking of how more teens my age have done more things to go forward, whereas I find asking for volunteer to being a big job. Here I am seeing teenagers fuss about working, get anxious during the interview, and here I am with confidence and motivation that goes to waste.

My friend told me one time that “Maybe you’re meant to do something else in life.” I keep that in mind and it really pushed me forward to believe a better future awaits, that is why, as of today I do little tasks that are filling in the spots I’ll miss growing up.

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