Monday, November 28, 2011

Cady Groves is the Sound of Summer.

Way long ago, I believe between 2009-2010 I was a pure volume addict. I’d go on every morning to listen to some new music that interested me, supported artists if I really loved them too.

Cady Groves came up at the home page one day and she’d released her album, “The Life of a Pirate” Her voice really livened up my summer that year, day and night I had her blasting through my headphones. She’s a fantastic singer/songwriter I quickly came to love, and I find that difficult with most Pop artists nowadays. That year, I had this good sensation knowing, this music is a best kept secret, nobody knows about this, and I’d only share it with a true few. My friends loved the album too.

I remember staying up till 5 in the morning listening to her while chatting with my friends. It came to the point all the chirps I heard from birds were in synch with her music, and I knew then this girl would go far.

As of today, she has made amazing progress with her career. She’s getting the attention she deserves, as well responds to her fans at her best. She’s like that girl from high school that is so rad and lives in her world, her ways.

I can’t wait to see her tour across North America, hopefully Vancouver too so I can see her perform live and see her backstage.

Love you Cady!

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