Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Day of Summer - Personal Thoughts

The character of Joe is somebody I can incredibly relate too at some degree. He’s the dark part of my mind and the me I expose to everyone on a daily basis.

His fantasy of shooting up the place where he works is a thought that has past my mind at some point in my life.

A lot of people who watched this probably didn’t understand the part why he took it so seriously when Stefanie, the customer, gave him a glance. With some guys, nobody bothers to look at them simply because they don’t see it as a pleasant sight. Like they say though, little things always makes somebody’s day.

Someone offers me a band-aid when I get a cut, I’ll never forget that about them because it’s a random act of kindness. I don’t see many people treating me like human, I usually have a creep presense with most females.

His plan takes a turn from a single glance of a girl and he ends up getting a situation he never prepared for.

He becomes friends with the hostage who turns out to be a former student at the same high school as the one he attended. His story of him jerking in the study hall has made him famous according to Stefanie, but Joe disgusts that memories and throws a fit.

Joes a kid with complications, he knows the world very well, he has large dreams, but none of which that’ll take action.

I believe a lot of people in DJ Qualls life have questioned his figure and judged him for it when he’s really suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As Joe, Qualls did a very good job portraying the character because I feel he really revealed an actual part of himself.

I really enjoyed how Joe becomes a stronger character and his enemies fall weak, aka his boss. He became paranoid after discovering Joe’s gun bullets on the bathroom floor but failed to convince police officers it was Joes. The weakness of Joe caught onto his boss and in the end, he’s the pussy.

IMDB gave it 5/10 I guess because there were some misunderstanding in the story, Possible thoughts like it may encourage people to do the same. Whatever happened to the CNN tape he sent in the mailbox? Did Stefanie tell the truth when telling her stories? I guess the viewer can create those parts.

I really wished I’d have watched it during the actual last day of summer. The days in the movie look really serene.

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